What’s Coming this Season

We felt led to repost a word from 02/16/2019 in regards to what the Lord is doing in this season: The Great Awakening Also, here is a great teaching on the almond tree that coincides with this word. ARTICLE: The Lesson of the Almond Tree The Lesson of the Almond Tree...

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I was in prayer a few nights ago and the Lord clearly said this, “Accountability is coming!”  God is about to show up with accountability in all areas throughout the world.  Many have thought they have gotten away with things ‘just because nothing has happened,’ but...

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The Derailment is Coming

Earlier this week there was a terrible train derailment in East Palestine, OH (See:  What caused the East Palestine, Ohio train derailment? or download the article HERE).  God is speaking.  The actual name of the location is no coincidence.  God is warning of a great...

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Idle Hands

For the last week or so, the Lord’s been bringing up the term ‘idle hands.’  And this scripture came up:  Proverbs 16:27 27 Idle hands are the devil’s workshop; idle lips are his mouthpiece. This is NOT the time to be idle with your hands now!  What does this mean...

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The Coming Flies Plague

A couple of days ago in prayer the Lord was declaring for the plague of flies to be released.  Awhile back, in March 2019 (See Watch-Tower:  Exodus 8:20-32), I had gotten this as well.  In addition, there were a few other times that God had confirmed this coming, in...

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Confirmations Begin for the UK

Just today, the Queen of England passed away and in not even a week, a new prime minister was announced (See Articles:  Britains New Prime Minister Liz Truss can be a UK Powerhouse Just Like Margaret Thatcher was or Download Article HERE and Queen Elizabeth II Has...

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Inundation Continues

Just the other day the Lord was bringing up the word ‘tsunami’ to me.  When the Israelites crossed the Red Sea, it was like a form of a tsunami, when it overcame the Egyptians (Ex. 14:26-28).  He DIVIDED the waters at that time.  What is a tsunami?  A tsunami is...

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To The Seekers

The Lord was calling out in prayer early this morning, to the SEEKERS.  What is a seeker?  It’s straightforward; it’s one who seeks, that which is used in seeking or searching.  They investigate and are not easily put off by various things BECAUSE they have a personal...

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Continue to Nestle in Him

A few days ago in prayer, the Lord declared again, “Nestle in Me.”  This is associated with a word we had posted on December 17, 2021, titled, “It is Here.” (See Watchtower Word:  It is HERE).  Along with this message I am hearing in the Spirit, “Take comfort in Him,”...

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Inundate Update

On May 3, 2022 the Lord had given us a word ‘inundate’ (See:  Inundate).  At the time, the word was associated with a major decision about to be made over the US, which overall, has been affecting the country as a whole for some time spiritually.  Again, over the last...

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A Forward Shift

I was awakened out of a deep sleep this morning at 4am.  I felt an immense shift (literally, it felt like a sliding movement in my inner being that occurred at this hour).  I knew also something had happened in the Middle East that was extremely significant that had...

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UK Heat Turning Up

In the last week or so, the UK’s weather has been extremely hot.  In fact, their government is considering declaring the first-ever national heatwave emergency (See:  UK weather: Ambulance services under 'extreme pressure' and on highest alert level as government...

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