Inundate Update

July 31, 2022

On May 3, 2022 the Lord had given us a word ‘inundate’ (See:  Inundate).  At the time, the word was associated with a major decision about to be made over the US, which overall, has been affecting the country as a whole for some time spiritually.  Again, over the last 2 weeks I have been hearing the word INUNDATE again, in the Spirit.

This shows me the Lord is taking things further for His purposes.  And He confirmed it with all the recent flooding in Missouri, Las Vegas, and Kentucky ( See: Videos show water pouring into Las Vegas casinos as flash flooding follows a rare, heavy thunderstorm in one of the US’s driest cities or (download Article Here), (See: Why do St. Louis interstates often flood when it rains? or (Download Article Here), and (See: US: Kentucky flooding death toll rises to 25 or (Download Article Here)

Nothing is done without the Lord speaking it forth (Gen. 1:1-3).  He speaks all the time to execute His plans.  But again, I hear Him constantly speaking INUNDATE.  I see a great increase of overwhelming situations occurring over the land.  While man in their carnal/worldly thinking will continue to try to put their own explanations on it all, it will get to the point that they will no longer be able to use these excuses as to why things are happening.  Things are coming that will be ‘other worldly’ so to say, many will begin to realize, it’s supernatural, beyond our own understanding.  The word ‘overflow’ is connected to this as well.

Awhile back in July 2019, the Lord had given us a word that judgement would be coming to Las Vegas (See:  Gods Judgement Will Fall on Las Vegas).  Even back then He was going after an idol connected to the casinos, specifically, an Egyptian idol.  Water flowed into the casinos, lightening BLEW OUT the Fremont Experience light show, and they had a second straight night of great thunderstorms in a normally very dry region.  These are warnings.

Over the last few weeks, He has been speaking to me about the exodus out of Egypt story in the Bible.  Remember, the first few plagues that came on Egypt, the Israelites were part of until the flies came in, and then God made a distinction of who His people were (Ex. 7:22-23).  He DEALT DIFFERENTLY with them.  This is important to pay attention to.  As the inundation increases, there will be a distinction coming between those He’s setting free from the bondage of ‘Egypt’ and those that are His, that are leaving this world and its ways to follow their God.  This is to make known to what’s holding His people back, that God has said, “LET MY PEOPLE GO!”  And, it will be done in order to display God’s true glory in all that He does.

Remember, even God’s people had difficulty letting go of Egypt and its ways (Num. 14:3-4; Neh. 9:17).  The rebellion is strong and still is strong in God’s people!  They continue to want to follow men in their wickedness, without God.  So, God has taken it into His own hands, and has made the world or is destroying the things of this world, IN ORDER to bring His people out of what they are all too familiar with, an unfamiliar land or way (remember too, many of God’s people were born in Egypt and only knew their life to be as a slave to Egypt and its systems).  He wants to bring them into something else, not designed by men in their wickedness, but led of His Holy Spirit (Ex. 13:21-22).  These things occurring all over the land in the US and eventually all over the world, is God’s deliverance at work!  It’s not what man has called ‘climate change,’ ‘global warming,’ or even wicked leaders scheming (as He’s allowed them to destroy things for HIS EVENTUAL TAKE OVER), etc.  God is doing it all!  Eventually, man will not be able to fight against it, as the final blow was the plague of death of the first born.  And then, the OVERFLOW of the Red Sea over their pursuers (the ones that couldn’t or didn’t want to release them to God, but enslave them into their idolatries, under one man, with one unified, hardened heart, Ex. 14:1-14).

What’s interesting about the flooding in Missouri is, their interstates were heavily flooded.  God is speaking about this.  Interstates can be associated with connections.  This can be relationships on many scales or also business, especially.  In addition, I keep getting ‘infrastructure’ associated with this.  God is about to destroy things that are associated with wickedness connected in Missouri, plans of the enemy to enslave His people.  These plans are near interstates in the region, I see.  For those that have an ear to hear, pray as the Lord leads about this.

In addition, the Appalachian region was heavily hit by flooding in Kentucky.  This region stands out to me.  The Lord is washing away some things that He sees coming ahead, plans that are not for good, for His people.  I am also seeing connections to infrastructure with this as well.  Again, not for good.  Egypt built its empire off the back of slaves, God’s people precisely, with harsh labor and terrible conditions.  In this time period, man would say, “these are jobs (labor), to provide for your regions.”  Don’t be deceived.  Over time, the Egyptian treatment of their workers became unbearable (Ex. 1:13-14).  The slaves wouldn’t even listen to Moses trying to free them because they were so overcome with broken spirits by their cruel slavery (Ex. 6:9).

Everyone, this IS where we’re at now!  So much of the world is caught up in being broken down by cruel slavery spiritually!  And they’ve come to the point that they will not even hear Truth because of great oppression over them (2Tim. 4:3-5).  This IS the future that mankind in their wickedness wants to impose on the earth at great measure.  But God is quickly making ways and destructing it for His purposes, IN ORDER TO BRING SALVATION TO HIS PEOPLE!  They must see things differently.  They must break free from oppression.  They must follow Him in ways they do not know, in trust, even when they struggle to return to the old ways that keep them bound.

God will continue to inundate for His people.  They may not understand and may even feel defeated in the ways He’s doing it, but eventually soon, He will make it clear—make a distinction of what He’s doing overall and WHY…to free us to worship God in Spirit and in Truth (John 4:21-24).

For those that hear by the Spirit, pray as led, over what has been revealed here.  God is exposing plans of the enemy and needs His people alert to these things–even on an international scale.

See also:  Exodus and Work or (Download Article Here) (to give further insight as a whole to the parallels occurring today on a large scale and what God is looking at and trying to free His people of). Be discerning in reading this article.  Not all truth is Truth.  One must be led by the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, in order to function truthfully.  This article just gives a few parallels for those that have eyes to see.

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