We would like to encourage the Body to work together in hearing by the Holy Spirit always.  As it says in Scripture, “For the Body is not one member, but many,” (1Corinthians 12:4, 1Corinthians 12: 15-31) it reveals that we all have an important part in serving the Lord. With that being said, we have included a section called, “Memos,” which has various impressions given by the Holy Spirit. They will be posted for those that are hearing what the Spirit is saying whether for prayer, for further understanding, for rebuke, or for edification. When the Body is truly working together in unity, we will ALL have ‘pieces of the puzzle’ that will help further mature the Body.  These postings are here for a blessing.  Please pray to hear what the Spirit is saying, for those that He’s speaking to in this hour.  And, if you feel you may have a part and the Lord is pressing you to share it with us, for a specific memo, please do so through our contact section.

To those of you that are truly led by the Lord God, thank you for your obedience in the Lord God.

Prophetic Dream: Left In A State - 4/5/2020

PROPHECIES FULFILLED: It was right in front of us! 3/24/2020

Walking In God's Perfect Will - 3/18/2020

The Trial Run - 3/13/2020

Treasure - 8/12/2019

September! A Season of Major Change - 7/23/2019

The Overcoming Change - 7/13/2019

All in one boat - 3/3/2019

The Great Awakening - 2/16/2019

A Burden Unto Canada

The Gospel That Will Divide

What Does It Mean To Repent

The Seasons

Marrying The Wrong Man

Do You Really Know God?

Sin is Sin

The Sustainer

Sheep & Sheep

Fear God Above All Things

Done Competing With Wild Boars

Quarter Time

Swimming Among the Sharks

I will Give Your Wives To Others

The Woes Are Coming

A Separation

ATTENTION! Active Duty Military

Time Is Up

The Sovereignty Understanding

Do Not Be Wasteful

A Call To His Seed

The Floods

Let Go

Put Yourself Out There

The Missing Piece

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