Inspired by the Scripture from 2 Tomothy 4:2 “Preach the word; Be ready in season and out of season; correct, rebuke, and encourage—with great patience and careful instruction.” To preach the word isn’t just to recite Scripture, but to hear by Jesus’ Spirit, the same One He heard by which makes Them One (the Holy Spirit because Jesus IS the Word—Romans 8:9-11; John 1:14).  To hear by the Word is to hear by the Holy Spirit in Their agreement as witnesses (1 John 5:5-12).  The Holy Spirit will also use Scripture to confirm what He is saying at times, to teach, but not always.  He will use other forms of God’s creations to speak to His people as well.  Pray to grow and learn to discern Him rightly. The Holy Spirit led us both to help spread the Gospel of His Truth.  Some are for now and some may be for the times ahead (out of season) but they are here for your discernment and prayer for correcting, rebuke, or encouragement.  Hear what the Spirit is saying…

Days Of Noah - 11/2/2019

Power Out - 8/9/2019

Judgement to the oppressors - 8/1/2019

Step of Faith - 6/6/2019

Beasts of The Field - 5/11/2019

Great Upheaval is Coming

The Lord Will Fight to Gain His Glory

Displacement is Coming

The Outer Garment

The Late Season Rain

The New York Hudson

God Says This is The Time

Feast or Famine

The Sieve is Full

The Wild Ones

Season of Sheep Shearing

Silencing The Nations

Jesus January

The Budding Rod

God's Power & Glory

The Great Day

A Call to Pray For Ephraim & Manasseh to Rise

Proper Authority In God

Show Yourself Approved

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