Confirmations Begin for the UK

September 8, 2022

Just today, the Queen of England passed away and in not even a week, a new prime minister was announced (See Articles:  Britains New Prime Minister Liz Truss can be a UK Powerhouse Just Like Margaret Thatcher was or Download Article HERE and Queen Elizabeth II Has Died or Download Article HERE).  On July 13, 2022 we posted a word titled, “UK Heat Turning Up,” (See Watch-Tower:  UK Heat Turning Up) and it mentions the lightening pains coming.  Here is a key excerpt from the word:


“Positioning-There will be changing, transformations, and removals occurring in all kinds of positions throughout the UK (Dan. 2:21Matt. 20:1-16).

Descending-There will be a ‘bringing down’ on many levels.  This will involve kingdoms and spiritual pride as well (Jer. 1:10Ps. 44:5).”


There will be even more activity in maneuvering of positions in the UK in the coming days.  I see transformations coming and feet that are quick to rush into evil (Prov. 6:18).  Years ago, the Lord had shown me the United States would go through something that would cause many to laugh at it, in fact He had me share it with someone that lived in England at the time.  And, what He had me say to her further is, “the nations will laugh at her (US), BUT DON’T LAUGH, because He will come around to you next (other nations, Hab. 2:15-16).  I see the Lord’s cup coming around to the UK and the other nations as well, for now YOUR nakedness will be shown before the Lord and others.  This cup is filled with drunkenness which brings forth stumbling and poor judgments and therefore leading to madness (Isa. 28:7; Jer. 51:7; Lam. 4:21).


These things must come, so that the Lord can prepare the hearts of His people to cry out to Him. But remember, be very discerning.  Do not fall into the traps of lies and deceptions in the name of ‘goodness’ (Isa. 5:20-25).  There is only One that is good (Luke 18:19).  Be led by the Holy Spirit in all things, as the Spirit alone will witness with GOD’S GOODNESS and NOT of a man’s ‘goodness,’ based off carnal judgments led by his own lusts within his heart.  Don’t make the mistake of wanting a man as your king and not God as your King (1Samuel 8).  Seek first God’s kingdom and HIS righteousness, and all things will be given unto you as well (Matt. 6:33).  What entails righteousness?  (See Foundational: Righteousness and Holiness and Judgement is Part of Righteousness).


Hear what the Spirit is saying…


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