UK Heat Turning Up

July 13, 2022

In the last week or so, the UK’s weather has been extremely hot.  In fact, their government is considering declaring the first-ever national heatwave emergency (See:  UK weather: Ambulance services under ‘extreme pressure’ and on highest alert level as government considers declaring first-ever national heatwave emergency) or (Download Article Here).  God is speaking.

Just last week the Lord had us post a word ‘The Contraction is Here England’ (See:  The Contraction is Here England) but now the Lord is continuing to show something more with all this heat.  Interesting, they mention in the article ‘extreme pressure.’  In the contraction word we spoke of a birthing about to take place and the state that the UK, especially England was in.  Now heat and pressure is increasing.  God is showing, “The heat is on.”  I couldn’t help seeing the context of birthing in all this again.  In the process of birthing, there’s a period where there’s increased PRESSURE and POSITIONING while the DESCENDING and eventually DELIVERY happens.  It’s called lightening pain.  The reason why there are words capitalized is because the Lord is revealing things that are happening right now and will continue to occur in the coming days:

Pressure-this pressure will entail affliction, a churning/forcing/wringing.  It can result in mental pressure as well.  In addition, pain/sorrow/pang.  There will also occur ‘cracks’/ leaks that will allow for things to come out into the light (Luke 12:3; Ps. 75:8).

Positioning-There will be changing, transformations, and removals occurring in all kinds of positions throughout the UK (Dan. 2:21; Matt. 20:1-16).

Descending-There will be a ‘bringing down’ on many levels.  This will involve kingdoms and spiritual pride as well (Jer. 1:10; Ps. 44:5).

Delivery- This will be performed in many forms such as services, new life (for those God’s calling unto Himself), information necessary for exposure and understanding for those needing it spiritually (almost like an awakening through a removal of long-lived hindrances in the way of spiritual sight), and a different kind of ‘voice’ being released over the region.  This voice could go both ways for good and for bad, depending on the true heart motives behind it.

When I hear the term ‘lightening pain’ I hear a quickness coming forth in all this, expediting, so to say.  The pain will be quick but necessary for what God’s about to do.  It will be symbolic of a powerful strike (Ps. 52:5-7; Acts 23:3; 2Sam. 22:13-15).

In the article they mention they’ll be issuing a ‘level-four emergency where they could see widespread disruption to schools, travel, health services and even nuclear power plants.’  In addition, they mention how the heat is affecting the roads there.  This stood out to me.  It’s not just about the heat wave literally, but as a result of spiritual things going on.  On August 9, 2019 the Lord had us put out a word titled ‘Power Out’ (See:  Power Out).  This word covered a few things that correlate with all this:  infrastructures, homes, and businesses.  Read the full word which is important for greater understanding.

Concluding, the Lord has already issued the contraction and now very quickly, He is allowing stages that will manifest a delivery/birth of great measure in both the natural and spiritual realm.  This will be transforming for the UK entirely.  At first, it will appear painful to many but He will allow these things to occur in order to prepare His people He is moving on or will begin to move on.  For those that are in the midst of these great changes, be on guard and hear by the Spirit of the Lord.  You do not want to make the mistake of calling good evil and evil good in this hour, as the consequences will be brutal if you choose wrongly (Isa. 5:20-25).

Continue to watch the UK in these coming days.


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