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Today in the news it was reported that the UK had a major power outage.  Not too long ago on our Facebook page we mentioned about a power outage in the United States, in New York and the Lord had us speak about this briefly.  And now, not too long after that incident, this one happens.   Sounds like a coincidence?  No, there isn’t a coincidence.  God is showing there is a connection here with the United States and the UK. 

If you listen to the video below here, carefully, you will (or won’t hear, Hebrews 3:15) all the prophetic words being spoken from just this one video about this incident and what He’s saying.  If people had ears to hear what the Spirit is saying, they’d see.  But because their hearts have been clouded by sin, they do not hear the answers and messages that God says right before their eyes.

Watch Video Here: Massive power cut across UK affects homes, businesses and transport networks

Article: New York Black Out or (Download Article HERE)

Here are a few statements mentioned in the video that stood out:

“infrastructures, homes, and businesses ALL suffered power cuts”—God is saying:  Everyone will be affected by what the Lord is about to do soon here in the UK.  Worldly systems not led by God will lose their ‘power.’  God is the sovereign One that gives people their power or support systems whether they want to believe that or not.  If God doesn’t allow you to have power or a form of success (as the world sees it) then you won’t have it.  There’s nothing you can do nor make happen.  This is where you come to know that you haven’t ‘made’ yourself into anything.  You don’t control anything.  See the story of Nebuchadnezzar in the Bible.  God is about to cut your power.

The anchor uses the term, “plunged into outer darkness”- This coincides with Matthew 22:13-14

13 Then the king said to the attendants, ‘Bind him hand and foot and cast him into the outer darkness. In that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.’ 14 For many are called, but few are chosen.”

The outer darkness in this scripture pertains to people that were not prepared for the wedding feast, or really not prepared when the Lord showed up.  They were not ‘dressed appropriately.’  We are supposed to be in a garment without stain or wrinkle or be right with God before He shows up or we will not partake in the feast.

“Delays expected”-God is saying that many will experience delays coming their way as a result of where they stand with Him.  If they’re not prepared and are asking things not led of the Spirit and without a right heart, then He will delay things.  People seeing false visions and flattering divination’s will experience these delays.  God will only fulfill what He says will occur.  (Ezek.  12:21-28)

“There will be unscheduled power cuts”-Many will not see their times of cutting away until it falls on them abruptly.  (Isa. 18:5; John 15:2)

“National grid issues resolved” – a grid can also be known as grating.  Grating is a form of annoyance or irritation.  God is saying He is about to resolve all the annoyances and irritations that come from this nation, which has affected the move of His Spirit. 

They then have a live reporter located at a train station known as “KINGS CROSS” station.  Really??? The people are stuck outside the King’s cross.  Jesus is known as the King of the Jews (Matt.27:37) and He died on the cross.  His people are supposed to pick up their cross and follow Him (Luke 9:23).  However, what’s stopping them is they’re left in the dark, therefore they cannot move forward because they won’t pick up the cross that He has set before them.  The reporter then goes on to say, “welcome to King’s Cross.”  God is bringing people to the cross, just as His Son demonstrated while on the earth.  After welcoming the people she says, “more people are confused rather then getting information.”  God is saying people will and are confused or confounded by the simple message of the cross (1 Cor. 1:18-31). 


Open your ears!  Hear what the Spirit of the Lord is really saying.  Proverbs 22:17-21:

Open your ears, and hear the words of wise people, and set your mind on the knowledge I give you.

18 It is pleasant if you keep them in mind [so that] they will be on the tip of your tongue, 

19 so that your trust may be in the LORD. Today I have made them known to you, especially to you. 

20 Didn’t I write to you previously with advice and knowledge 

21 in order to teach you the words of truth so that you can give an accurate report to those who send you?

God is talking ALL the time.  If you just ask the Lord to open your ears to hear what He is saying by His Holy Spirit, you too will hear and see what He wants you to hear and see. 


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