This Word is Geared More for Now

February 14, 2022

Last year the Lord had us post this word, ‘Month of War,’  (see Watch-Tower: Month of War).    It was posted around the same time.  However, it seems God has prolonged it to this period we’re in NOW and approaching.  Review the word as led by the Holy Spirit. The war is about to begin.  While mankind and those in the carnal state, continue to look at the wars and rumors of wars around us that are occurring all over the world, His true people need to see the war that’s about to transpire spiritually.  This is to begin in the house of God first (1 Pet. 4:17).  The greatest battle to set as an example by the Lord, ahead, is the battle against the traditions of men (Mark 7:1-13).  The traditions that cause men to worship the Lord in vain and not in Truth, by His Spirit.   They cleanse on the outside without cleansing first on the inside (Matt. 23:26).  They believe God does not see it, but He does.  They have an appearance of godliness, but lack thereof (2Tim. 3:5-9).  The cleansing must be done on the inside first, which will bring forth a pleasing outward appearance before God and man RIGHTLY.  This war will test to see if you’ve truly cleansed your house rightly in the Lord.  Are the doors opened, ready for the darkness to enter in more than before, like a thief?  Or have you truly gone before the Lord in His leading, to cleanse yourself as He sees fit for His purposes?  If the latter, you will be well.  If the former, the war will be great.  The hour of great testing is coming.  Who can endure His fire?

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