Month of War

March 6, 2021

Malcolm had a recent dream a few days ago and this has some to do with it.  At some point the Lord will have us speak further about it, but today He is just having me mention a few things He’s been bringing up in the Spirit.

Malcolm’s dream was about a major war occurring in the spirit realm that would result in many casualties.  Only a few were able to navigate and be in a safe place in the war.  Again, without getting into too much about this, the Lord wanted me to delve into this some.

The term ‘casualties’ actually means:  a blow, wound, slaughter, crushed disasters, inflicted, injury.  The same day we discussed his dream, I had come across this:  “The month of March is named after Mars in both the Julian & Gregorian calendars.  The Romans considered this their god of war.”  This was something God used to show what He WAS getting at.  Granted, there is no ‘god of war,’ but God can use things like this to show what HE IS SPEAKING.  Remember, God created all things!  They’re to be used for HIS GLORY.

What I hear and see the Lord revealing:  This month will be the month of great warfare and there will be MANY casualties.

Based on the meaning of casualty above, it shows that individuals will experience blows, or hits, but am also getting a wind blowing.  This will be a wind of the Spirit to allow for these things to occur for HIS GLORY (Ecc. 11:5).

This ‘blow’ will create a current or movement, in order to propel things forward for His purposes.  It will also cause many to leave a place they’ve perhaps been stuck in and cannot move out of, or also force them out of what may be comfortable.  This blow will also allow for explosive things to occur, meaning it will displace many violently or send them flying (cause them to flee) because of great pressures God will allow on them.  These pressures may allow for others to feel burnt out in things of the world, and they’ll no longer want to pursue what they’ve pursued for so long before.  It will also allow for some to spend recklessly.  This will allow some to break free from the idol of money.  Some will see it as true freedom and some will see it as irresponsible.  But who knows the mind of the Lord (Rom. 11:34)?  There will also be those that will ‘blow’ their opportunity in the Lord.  These are those that have been warned, have been told by the Lord to do things, but they have continuously walked in stubbornness of heart before Him.  So, therefore great shame will be their covering.  Therefore, they will pay the price of their disobedience.

Some will be wounded in this coming wind.  This will cause a spiritual brokenness, necessary so that the Lord can offer His healing in a great time of need (Hos. 6:1; Matt.21:44).  Some will be wounded in their feelings or reputations, meaning they will feel insulted, offended, or hurt.  This coincides with:

Matt. 15:11-12

11 it is not what goes into the mouth that defiles a person, but what comes out of the mouth; this defiles a person.” 12 Then the disciples came and said to him, “Do you know that the Pharisees were offended when they heard this saying?

After these verses it goes onto to say from Jesus, “Every plant that MY HEAVENLY FATHER HAS NOT PLANTED will be rooted up.”  In this war, many will be uprooted as a result of His wind for His glory, those that are not planted by God or called from God (even though they may say or think).  They will call it ‘persecution,’ but God will actually see it as, ‘exposure of their true heart motives.’  This will be insulting to many that see themselves as guides or teachers of the laws of God (see also: Matt. 15:10-20).

Then we will also see the slaughter of many.  These will be those removed violently in large numbers.  I have been seeing plagues coming.  This will be the result of this occurrence, like in the days of old, when Moses moved against Pharoah.  This will be a great defeat that’s necessary.  If this was not done, then MANY would not be able to worship the Lord God and serve Him.  They continue to build themselves up at God’s peoples’ expense.  I see great pestilence and great hail again as before.  However, these will be known clearly to be from God and NO MAN will be able to take the credit nor be able to shut it down without His peoples’ supplications (Ex. 9:28-29).  God’s allowed many to remain, IN ORDER TO REVEAL HIS POWER (Rom. 9:17).  These slaughters will reveal the power of God.

The other result of this war will be ‘crushed disasters.’  Many will be afflicted and oppressed for the glory of God (Isa. 53:5).  This will result in a chastisement that will bring you peace between you and God.  This will be a correcting from the rod of the Lord, using the rod of men (Heb. 12:8; Deut. 11:2-9; 2Sam.7:14; Job 33:19).  This is for those that need to learn to not despise discipline from the Lord.  Learn to be happy and content in His chastisements which bring forth a blessing when received well and rightly.  Some of these ‘crushing disasters’ will be sudden and will have many consequences as a result.  The term ‘ill-starred’ goes along with this, meaning ‘it’s destined to fail.’  The scripture that arises with this is:

Prov. 16:9

The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps.

God is allowing this war for His purposes.  There’s a time of war and a time of peace (Ecc. 3:8).  God uses ALL THINGS FOR HIS GLORY!  There is a purpose for this war.  Many in the worldly mindsets will see it as unnecessary.  However, God does have purpose for war.  It’s used for great propelling in the atmosphere of the Spirit.  The great wind is blowing (John 6:18)!  The Power of God is about to draw near and those who have truly received Him into the boat, will reach where they need to go BECAUSE IT WASN’T ABOUT THE SIGNS FOR THEM, BUT BECAUSE THEY ATE THE BREAD OF LIFE AND WERE FILLED…(John 6:16-29).

Hear what the Spirit is saying.




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