Confirmed Boils Are Here

May 21, 2022

On 6/20/20 the Lord had given us in prayer that the boils are coming (See watch Tower Post: Boils Are Coming ).  Recently, it’s been announced that a rare case of monkeypox has been detected in the world (See:  Monkeypox cases in the UK are under ‘urgent investigation,’ with 7 new infections) or Download Article Here.  It clearly states that it can cause puss-filled boils.  Please read the previous word from 2020.  This is just the beginning.  Those that are walking in disobedience to the Lord need to repent sincerely NOW and get serious with the Lord.  Being obedient to His leading alone is the only way of protection in this hour.  Notice, it says it’s not known to be connected to spreading via sexual contact, yet they’re seeing a connection there.

In addition, on March 27, 2022 the Lord has us give the word ‘The Curse’ (See Watch Tower Post: The Curse).  He was warning they were coming then, the curses and there was a definite sign affirming it.  The valley of decision is closing in.  More curses ARE coming.  In the end, everyone will see and know where they stand.  The outcomes of the REAL fruit of His Seed will be revealed.  Those led in true obedience…they will reap the blessings of the Lord (See also:  Summer).  However, those that continue to walk in opposition to His ways, they will feel the effects on mass scales:

  • Curses in/out of the city
  • Baskets and kneading troughs cursed- meaning there will be no harvest for them and no bread will be able to be made for them (this can mean both no food or not having the spiritual food ‘manna’ from heaven, necessary to survive, John 6:22-40; Ex. 16:4-21).
  • Their womb, their land, their livestock
  • Confusion & rebuke on everything you touch
  • Plagues of disease especially on those entering into a land they wish to possess
  • Wasting disease, fever, inflammation, heat/drought, blight/ mildew
  • Sky bronze and ground iron below (everything will be hardened against you)
  • Rain to dust
  • Defeated by your enemies
  • Boils of Egypt
  • Madness, blindness, confusion of mind
  • Wives pledged to one will be violated and taken
  • You will build a house and not live in it
  • All that you own and your children will be taken from you or destroyed
  • Oppression by other people that did not labor or produce in your land
  • Affliction of boils on legs and knees that cannot be cured & spreads through the whole body
  • You’ll be driven somewhere else where another nation will be set over you & you’ll worship false gods
  • You’ll be an object of ridicule
  • You’ll sow much and receive little
  • Worms will overtake your vineyards
  • Olive trees will be cursed
  • Swarms of locusts will eat your crops

These are just a few of the curses coming or have already begun for some.  This is not something to take lightly.  It’s here.  Is this really what you want?  It may look harmless or like nothing really has happened now, but be careful, in a moment God can change everything.  And quickly, the days can overtake you.  Is your heart fully obedient and in tuned to the Lord’s leading by His Spirit?


This is a warning…

Hear what the Spirit is saying…

See also:  Standards Are Rising Be Vigilant; Seven Times Seven Regarding blight, which was mentioned among the curses. Deut. 28

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