June 27, 2021

The new ‘summer’ season has begun.  That confirms the previous watchtower word posted, “Summer.”  [See Watch Tower Word: Turnover]   It means now that this particular season has started to come into place, the reaping of whichever way one has sown, will be shown for, whether to obedience (unto the Holy Spirit rightly)—there will be eternal life.  However, if sown unto disobedience (unto the flesh), it will go from one bad thing to worse (destruction, Gal. 6:8).  The reaping will continue to progress further into this season and onto the next ‘winter’ season AND following ‘summer’ season spiritually speaking.

Today, I heard in the Spirit ‘turnover.’  There are a few things the Lord is showing me regarding this.  I see people being replaced in various positions in all facets.  This will occur especially in the spiritual realm.  This scripture comes to mind:

Matt. 21:33-43

33 “Hear another parable. There was a householder who planted a vineyard, and set a hedge around it, and dug a wine press in it, and built a tower, and let it out to tenants, and went into another country. 34 When the season of fruit drew near, he sent his servants to the tenants, to get his fruit; 35 and the tenants took his servants and beat one, killed another, and stoned another. 36 Again he sent other servants, more than the first; and they did the same to them. 37 Afterward he sent his son to them, saying, ‘They will respect my son.’ 38 But when the tenants saw the son, they said to themselves, ‘This is the heir; come, let us kill him and have his inheritance.’ 39 And they took him and cast him out of the vineyard, and killed him. 40 When therefore the owner of the vineyard comes, what will he do to those tenants?” 41 They said to him, “He will put those wretches to a miserable death, and let out the vineyard to other tenants who will give him the fruits in their seasons.”

42 Jesus said to them, “Have you never read in the scriptures:

‘The very stone which the builders rejected
has become the head of the corner;
this was the Lord’s doing,
and it is marvelous in our eyes’?

43 Therefore I tell you, the kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a nation producing the fruits of it.”

God is about to take away the kingdom of God from those that have been considered as murderers in the spirit.  This would mean their dominion will not be strong among the fields or the vineyard.  It says, “He will put those to a miserable death.”  Death is coming for those that have murdered from their positions of power.  God is very clear here.

In the natural sense, the workforce will change tremendously.  Many of these turnovers will not be helpful in the coming days as many may think.  Instead, it will lead to great loss in the end.  Some of this was necessary for those God’s been speaking to for some time, yet they have ignored His nudges.  Now, it’s necessary by forceful change.  On another note, it will be judgement on things that have not been driven by the Spirit of the Lord.  Now, He will take what’s been taken from Him for His glory.  May He be glorified!

The ‘ball is no longer’ in the court as it’s been.  Now, the opposing team will have it.  Those that have opposed those of the Lord and have had some power, well, that’s changing.  The opposition now will have the ball—meaning God’s people that are truly working for His glory.  They will begin to dominate on the court, so to say.  The pun is intended.  Justice will begin to override in the courts of the Most High.  He will begin to make great and immense ‘calls’ for His chosen and they will maneuver in ways that no man can try to stop or mimic.  (See: Ps. 82)

Turnover can also mean to ‘upset.’  The Lord is about to upset things in the ways that they are going.  He’s going to turn things upside down.  He will place in the hands of whose right they have, to have it, according to His ways.  They have the signet ring.  They will have God’s ‘signature’ so to say, to authorize what He has planned.  This signet is important for the building of His temple.  This is not a literal place of worship.  This is an altar before the Lord—a demonstration before all men on HOW TO WORSHIP a holy God.  Those with the signet will DWELL WITH THE CONSUMING FIRE AND DWELL WITH EVERLASTING FLAMES (Isa. 33:14-19).

(See also:  Ezek. 21:25-27; Hag. 2:22-23)

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