The Pelting is Continuing for Australia

March 21, 2021

The pelting is continuing in Australia, as said by the Lord on 11/24/2020 (See Watch-Tower: Australia Hear God’s Roar post).  Australia’s east coast was hit with flooding over the last day or so, entire houses floating away.

See Article: Heavy Rain, Flash Flooding Batter Australia’s East Coast or (Download Article HERE)

In the previous word mentioned above (as there are many others regarding Australia), it was said the rain would test peoples’ faith.  This was also said to warn others not to get ahead of God on anything, that no man can ‘beat the rain’ (or reign) of God.  Do not forget Australia, God leads us in all things!  Do not get ahead of the Lord!

Not only did a dam overflow, but also a mini-tornado tore through a western suburb.  Where are the wise ones in Australia?  Have they instead put their trust in the things of this world and become foolish?  This is a reminder to some in Australia that God will test your faith.  Is your faith genuine (1Pet. 1:7)?  God is reminding those that have ears to hear in this hour there that, do not forget that your faith is worth more than ALL these things you have lost…more than ‘gold,’ or what man sees as something of worth—more than the Golden Slipper (see article: Big wet turns Golden Slipper into a $3.5 million lottery or (Download Article HERE).  Stay strong in your trials.  Hear by the Spirit and do not run ahead of His lead.  Allow the refining to bring forth its purity, that which you’ll see the hand of God in ALL things (Matt. 5:8).  This process can bring forth offerings of righteousness in due time, when done according to His way (Mal. 3:3).

Also see article: Widespread Rain to Fall in all States as Two Storms Form in Australia’s East and West or (Download Article HERE)

On September 25, 2020 the Lord had us post a word about God calling His people in Australia.  In that post it was talking about ‘the largest mass STRANDING OF WHALES’ in Australia.  Sounds like God was speaking also to New South Wales, where the dam overflowed.  God is calling many in New South Wales to Himself.  He is allowing things to occur in order to bring forth His life into you.

Do not reject the wooing of the Lord, for it IS LIFE!

Hosea 2:14

14 “But now I am going to woo her – I will bring her out to the desert and I will speak to her heart.

Watch in April for Australia…


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