The Burden is Being Fulfilled

February 19, 2022

On November 2, 2014 the Lord had us put a word out for Canada, and it is now being fulfilled (See Spoken Word: A Burden Unto Canada).  There are key clues in it as to why things are going the way they are in Canada right now.

Malcolm’s vision was very clear.  At the time he had it, there was an ABANDONED 10-TON TRUCK left on the side of the road.  It’s not a coincidence that trucks are associated with what’s going on and this connection.  This is a time that God is showing people in Canada things.  Their spiritual eyes will soon begin to open in these times.  This is not about things of this world, as many believe.  It’s about people not having eyes to see what they need to see from God’s perspective, about MANY things.  There is NO TRUE spiritual sight in Canada that is consistent with the leading of God’s Spirit.  There is a REQUIREMENT that God will have for His people in Canada.  This is not to cry out to men, BUT TO GOD AND IN RIGHTEOUSNESS.  What I mean by righteousness, is not for your own motives or pleasures, but for the will of God in obedience to His leading by His Spirit.  Cry out for deep repentance Canada!  Ask God to show you YOUR sins, people of Canada!  Learn to walk away from them by HIS leading, by His voice, His Holy Spirit.  Learn from Him on how to untie the great yoke upon you Canada!

Matt. 21:2-3

“Go to the village ahead of you, and at once you will find a donkey TIED there, with her colt by her. UNTIE them and bring them to me. If anyone says anything to you, say that the Lord needs them.”

The Lord is using this burden to open the eyes of people He needs.  People He has needs for, a purpose for.  He will break free the yoke of oppression upon His people (Is. 58:9-10).

God is preparing in this hour, in Canada, to untie who He’s calling unto Him for a purpose.  Open your eyes!  Do not look to men, but to God.  Do not do what you want, but what God wants…that’s His fast for His people, which will please Him.  Learn to grow in discernment Canada!  Do not judge according to what you see, nor by what you hear, but by the Spirit of the Lord in great fear of God and not men (Isa. 11:3).  Grow in deep Spirit-led intercession, those of His in Canada!  Separate yourselves from the oppressed yoke, those that point fingers with malicious talk/ vicious rumors and unjust speech (according to the Lord).

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