Prayer Report in March

March 22, 2022

Last night the Lord had me in prayer and wanted me to share a few things that were brought up.

One main word was emphasized:  ACCELERATION

The speed of things in the Spirit will be gaining speed in short amounts of time.  An increase in rate or a hastening.  This includes in the following areas:  labor, a thrusting out, trouble, vex, a place of putting to flight/fleeing, a trembling, a starting up suddenly, swift execution, urgency.  These are just a few.

The laboring/birthing of areas that have been either dormant or in the process of growth over a period of time, like a gestation period, will begin to be brought forth.  Also too, others will be repositioned into places that may require hard work.  This will be required of them in order to bring forth the fruits of their labor.  Travailing in prayer will also be a part of this, in order to catapult the manifestations of what God’s wanting in this hour.

The thrusting out is concerning the exhortation of obeying the Lord.  It is important in this time especially, to make sure you are led fully in all the Lord is asking you to do in this hour.  Do what is right and good in His sight only and in possessing the regions He’s going after (or people), you must in obedience, drive out (thrust out) all your enemies before you, as He says.  (Deut. 6:16-19)

This also has to do with the Lord thrusting out lazy servants, as in:

Matt. 24:50-51

50The master of that servant will come on a day he does not expect and at an hour he does not anticipate. 51Then he will cut him to pieces and assign him a place with the hypocrites, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Thrusting out also means to ‘cut into pieces.’  God will be doing the thrusting out of hypocrites that are in His way in this hour.  A great purging is about to take place.

Trouble and vexing go together.  It will be a time of great distress for many.  In the time of distress, there will also be a trembling inwardly.  Terror and destruction will come as well as He executes His judgements for the disobedient.  Some will experience the trials of faithfulness that God will allow on you in order to prove your uprightness/blamelessness and one who fears the Lord (Job 2:3).  God will allow your soul to be vexed and broken into pieces for His sake in order to bring Him glory (Job 19:1-2).

Those that have waited for a time of their deliverance, while enduring much yet standing firm under trial, will see God put to flight many.  They will flee from you seven other ways (Deut. 28:7; Josh. 23:10).

The starting up is referring to the beginnings of functioning/operating, or running.  Some will be activated into functioning in the spiritual gifts and also more so than ever, if they have already.  This is NOT the focus but in order to equip His Body.  Some will begin to run the race with perseverance (Heb. 12:1-3).  This perseverance will give you the strength to remove all things that hinder you from God, and also the sin that entangles you.  This perseverance is necessary so there’s no weariness and discouragement.

An urgency will grow in those He is calling.  They will grow in the determination to follow the Lord.  Persistency is key in this hour.  Priorities will shift rapidly as those of His are moved by His Spirit with great force.  Other areas will dissipate in one’s life that were once on the ‘front burner.’  Now those things will be put on the back burner.  The Holy Spirit will show you the most important things in this hour.

This statement was emphasized multiple times and declared multiple times:


He also declared, “Host of heaven, the kingdom of heaven is near!  Blow the trumpet in Zion!”  (this is in reference to Joel 2:1)

He also began to pull down great strongholds in the heavenlies above.  (2Cor. 10:4)

The book of Ephesians was strong in the Spirit, for His people to refer to.  Pray and ask the Lord to show you what He wants to share with you personally, regarding this book.  In addition, He brought up the church of Ephesus in Revelation (Rev. 2:1-7).

He also wanted mankind to be reminded that they are but mortals.

Ps. 82:6-8

6I have said, ‘You are gods;

you are all sons of the Most High.’

7But like mortals you will die,

and like rulers you will fall.”

8Arise, O God, judge the earth,

for all the nations are Your inheritance.


Be sure to read the scriptures along with the words in prayer, for better understanding.  Be led by His Holy Spirit.  Hear what the Spirit is saying…


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