Mice Plague in Australia

March 10, 2021

Mice overrunning properties in Australia…

See Article: Coonamble Farmer Shares Video of Mice Overrunning her NSW Property or (Download Article  HERE)

This is another sign for Australia from the Lord, as a warning.  We have put out quite a few posts on Australia in the past, just do a search on prior posts to see what else the Lord had been saying to them.  They claim it’s the result of ‘wet summers’.  Even if that was a possibility, God speaks through these kinds of things all the time.  It’s too close to another word He had us speak about regarding the freak hailstorm they had during Halloween, which has costed them much already.  So, what is the Lord saying again to Australia?

The field- mouse is mentioned a few times in the Bible.  They are considered unclean animals.  There was a time that God laid waste the people of Ashdod by a terrible visitation of field-mice.  They are like locusts in their destructive effects.  And, the Lord has spoken to many regions over the last year or so sending locusts as a warning.  In 1Samuel 6, the Lord brought plagues upon the Philistines (boils/tumors & mice infestations).  When they sent the cart back with the ark of Lord, they were watching to see where it would go, in order to reveal whether it was Him that brought the disaster, or CHANCE.  Why must Australia believe why these things are occurring as chance (the wet season)?  Do you not believe God has His hand upon you (1Sam. 5)?  God confronted the fish god Dagon, which the people were worshipping.  Is this your god of fruitfulness?  Is the sea your god, or what you think brings forth your life?  God is saying to Australia that they put their trust too much in the waters surrounding them and what ‘they may bring to them.’  The SEA IS NOT GOD!!!

I see that because of the agreements Australia is making in trade among the seas, in order to ‘expand their fruitfulness’ that are not in good motives as they think, will lead to the hand of God increasing upon them in more plagues, but greater intensity.  Because of your unbelief in the Lord Almighty AND your history of ties to the spirit of Dagon (aka. Dhakhan, Ngurunderi), you have doors open to the judgment coming forth.

However, for those of you that are His in Australia—break your ties in prayer, connected to these idols, as this will cause protection for you in the coming days.

Hear what the Spirit is saying…

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