Gods Seriousness is About to Drop

May 11, 2020
My husband got in prayer this morning that ‘seriousness is about to be dropped.’
Other terms for being serious is sober, solemn, to regain one’s senses, or grave. This also has to do with those that need to get serious with their walk again (as they must have been serious at one time).
This also has to do with abstaining from strong drink (Luke 1:15). This referred to John the Baptist. He was considered a Nazarite which connected to this reference. The Nazarite vow at that time was referring to making a vow to God (Num. 6:2; 3-7; 13-20). This is symbolic of one’s devotion to God, but symbolically being associated to John the Baptist is also showing that there’s a connection to being filled with the Holy Spirit and abstaining from things that would not make you consecrated to God and truly separated from the world and its ways. Many will have to do away with their ways completely to understand the separation and consecration unto the Lord. No more making excuses.
Sober/seriousness also has to do with one being disciplined or corrected. This is in order to teach those that truly need to understand the things of the Lord rightly or with a sound mind because that’s what being sober actually means spiritually.
There will be a requirement of being self controlled. No more grace to get away with things that isn’t pleasing to the Lord. He may have let it seem like there are no consequences to your actions because ‘nothing’s happened’ to prove that ‘you’re off’ but now that time of grace to let you see what’s off and fix it, is up. Now there will be consequences for what you knew not to do, but didn’t heed or control oneself from doing it.
There will be an authoritative, weighty, or momentous DROP coming. The term BOMBSHELL is standing out with this. This will usher in this seriousness.
A few Scriptures to meditate on regarding this: 1Pet.5:8; 4:7; 1Thess. 5:6; 1Tim. 3:2; Rom. 12:3; Titus 2:2
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