God is Dealing with Your Blemishes

November 8, 2020

Had a dream last night that God is going to bring to the surface deep hidden blemishes in His Body, which need to be exposed and extracted. These are deep hidden fleshly extensions that have been a part of many in the Body of Christ. They are blemishes in His eyes. They will be rising up for His people to see and deal with personally with Him, things they have ‘sat on’ for some time, not doing anything about them.

God says, “Now it’s time to deal with them. They need to be removed out of you. They need to be acknowledged so we can deal with them together, for good.”

Some will almost be surprised what will be rising out of them, foreign things they’re not familiar with, but will make them squeamish that ‘they’re even in them.’

“You need to see the truth of who you’ve become, what’s in you, before I can truly address fully,” He says.

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