Displacement is Coming


Recently there’s been a word going around by the Spirit of the Lord which is displacement.Displacement in the Hebrew context means to shove or displace, to loosen.  Meanings of the word displace are to take over the place, position, or role of a thing; to replace (1 Samuel 13:14;1 Samuel 15:23‐26; Acts 13:22); to supplant (Jeremiah 9:4); to move something from its usual place; or to force one to leave a home (Exodus 6:1; Exodus 3:20; Exodus 11:1), as a result of either war, persecution (Matthew 10:29‐39; Acts 14:22), or a natural disaster (Genesis 6:1‐8; Revelation 11:13; Revelation 16:18; Isaiah 29:6).

This displacement is going to cause many drastic changes for many people.  The Lord recently was declaring throughout the spirit realm, “Remove the kings and queens that do not serve Me and replace them with My kings and queens.”  This confirms one of the definitions of displace as mentioned above— they were going to be replaced.  These are referring to all kinds of leaders.  And those that will eventually serve Him in the coming days, He will maintain in their position but with much judgment which will instigate great cleansing required of them in their lives in order to serve Him as He expects them to, the way He wants them to (Deuteronomy 6:5; Matthew 22:37; Mark 12:33).  This replacement or displacement of kings and queens also is referring to God’s true kingdom ushering into position as He has planned it to, in His order.  The shepherds (leaders) that He has assigned from the beginning for this hour will be brought forth into their chosen place by Him (Jeremiah 3:15; Jeremiah 23:4; Ezekiel 34:23).

The other declaration I heard the Lord pronounce that coincides with this word is, “All vile men will NOT survive,” and as I heard Him say this, I knew there was a great disaster coming that would take many lives.  These lives will be taken in this coming disaster as a consequence of vileness (Joshua 5:6).  To God vileness is associated with worthlessness, emptiness, morally looseness, impurity, wickedness, and being dishonorable unto God and His ways (1 Samuel 3:13; Job 18:3; Psalm 15:4; Isaiah 32:5; Jeremiah 15:19; Jeremiah 29:17; Nahum 1:14; Romans 1:18‐26).  God brings both death and life (1 Samuel 2:6) and He will make known in this that He has called forth this loss of life BUT ALSO He will make known that He is the One that brings forth Life spiritually in someone or spiritual death in someone.  No one can ‘make the choice to follow Him’ as it’s been said, but it’s God’s mercy that falls upon them to allow them to come to Him; as He is the One that draws them to Himself (John 6:44) and He is the One that has chosen His people first, not them He (John 15:16).  All will know in the coming days that it’s God’s mercy that is released and determines whether He has allowed you to come to Him AND survive.  Man has nothing to do with making this ultimate choice.  God can make them believe the delusion that they do have a choice (2 Thessalonians 2:11) but ultimately the choice for all life and all death is under His dominion, His sovereignty (Psalm 103:19; Daniel 4:17).  The commandments given about choice in the Scriptures are exactly that…commandments; and if God gives you the power and strength to follow through with these commandments, it’s due to His mercy, grace, and love and nothing of our own selves because the heart of man is deceitful and sick and is unable to do as he should do (Jeremiah 17:9).  This is why God is the One to change it and replace it with His own heart of flesh from His Son Jesus by His Spirit’s power, which allows one to love God with all his being and love his neighbor as well (Ezekiel 36:26‐27).  No man without the Spirit of God and His power can fulfill these commandments correctly.

The displacement which is also known as loosing will be performed for those that have been prisoners for, so long.  As all these various forms of displacement occur, it will cause this blessing to those that God is after which are imprisoned by sin and death in this hour (Psalm 102:20; Psalm 68:6; Psalm 79:11; Psalm 146:7).  The drastic changes will allow for many to be loosed from the holds of oppression, loneliness, and utter darkness.  No more will those that have been under the influence of a delusive spirit be ruling over God’s people that are chosen to be His.  And for those that have been captive under the delusive spirit, God will have mercy on you and open your eyes to what you have been lacking to see…His Light, His Truth.  Instead, God will replace the false leadership with those that have the heart of David, that are not out to oppress you, lead you away from His Holy Spirit’s leading, and into their own blindness due to their love for darkness and their evil deeds (John 3:19‐20).  Those that have been placed over you for a purpose—ones that hate the Light will be taken away by their own sins overcoming them (1 Samuel 16:14).   However, you must understand that the Lord allowed this for His purpose, so you may see the mercy and love of God, who will deliver you from it all and recognize His glory and power over all things; so that you may acknowledge Him rightly in everything you do from this point onward.


Psalm 10:16‐18

The LORD is King forever and ever;

Nations have perished from His land. 17 O LORD, you have heard the desire of the humble;

You will strengthen their heart, you will incline Your ear

18 To vindicate the orphan and the oppressed,

So that man who is of the earth will no longer cause terror.


John 14:18

I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.


John 12:35‐36

So, Jesus said to them, “For a little while longer the Light is among you. Walk while you have the Light,

so that darkness will not overtake you; he who walks in the darkness does not know where he

goes. 36While you have the Light, believe in the Light, so that you may become sons of Light.”


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