Confirmation: The Hail has Arrived

May 4, 2020
On April 29th, the Lord had given us in prayer, much hail coming. God Spoke in Prayer: Much Hail and Hiss Hiss Hiss The thing I did not mention was I saw in a vision, in prayer, that there were LARGE amounts of hail in people’s arms as they held them out. It was piled into their arms. Just the other night, hail had occurred in various regions. This is just the beginning. It’s interesting, some of the photos show people holding hail out in their hands, which reminded me of the great wonder that’s coming forth where people will be holding their arms out with piles of hail in them. I also felt that when this occurs, the Lord is making a statement. That, He alone, shall be hailed as King. He shall be welcomed, saluted, and cheered for.
David cheered before the Lord (2Sam. 6:14-22). He also welcomed God into the temple (Psalm 24). Abraham welcomed the Lord (Gen. 18). These are just a few examples.
One of the articles mentioned how their chickens were killed by the hail. This is very symbolic. God is talking about those that He considers cowards in His eyes, will be knocked down or even destroyed for being cowardly (Rev. 21:8).
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