Beginnings for Cuba Confirmation

July 2, 2022

Recently Cuba’s most powerful general passed away (See Article:  Cuba’s most powerful general, who controlled much of the island’s economy, is dead) or (Download Article Here). Could this be the beginning of what the Lord is about to do in Cuba as He said in a word we had from March 29, 2022 (See:  Cuba’s Cries).  Sounds like it is.  He was a confidant of the Castro family (notice in the prophetic word it was discussed about the connection between the Bay of Pigs and the Castro Revolution).  The yoke has begun to break.  The Judge is at the door.

Much of Cuba’s word discussed constellations.  What’s interesting is during June 2022, recently, there was a major alignment in the heavenlies that occurred just before this general’s passing (See: .  I remember the Lord saying to me during that time, “The planets are aligning.”  This was referring to also, the term ‘the stars are aligning’ which also connects to things coming into a right order for something else to happen.  While I know both are two different things, He was getting at something.  During June, the 3 biggest constellations were also in full view, one being Ursa Major (See:  The 3 biggest constellations will be on full display this June. Here’s how to see them) or (Download Article Here).

Continue to watch Cuba.

Hear what the Spirit is saying…

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