A Time of Yeled

April 8, 2022

Today is a new day of breaking forth in the Spirit.  The Lord says, “Yeled.”  In Hebrew this means:  to bear, bring forth, beget, or travail.  I see many more ‘births’ in the Spirit realm coming forth for the glory of God.  Those of you that have the gift of tongues, pray continuously.  This will help strengthen you and bring forth things you do not really know what to ask, mysteries of His will being brought into existence by His leading.  In 1Corinthians 14:1-2 it is spoken of what the gift of tongues is for, to edify oneself.  Edification means to:  improve, teach, guide, or instruct.  It is important now for those that have this gift to REALLY use it!  It is speaking to God FOR instruction, improvement, for Him to teach you, guide you, and elevate you in understanding the things of God.  For those that do not have this gift and are feeling led to ask the Lord for it, do so.  Many do not understand this gift fully and how it’s used, but it’s very important to use for these previous things mentioned.

I pray now for those reading this Lord, the ones you have ordained for this gift, to release it upon them for YOUR GLORY, FOR YOUR HONOR, FOR YOUR PURPOSES.  Break forth the dam from the hidden wells within Your people.  May their victory in You rise up within them and wash/clear out their enemies.  May You bring forth the wind of Your Spirit among the balsam trees as you did with David, to cause Your enemies to abandon their idols (2Sam. 5:17-25).

It’s interesting, Balsam trees are associated with the word ‘people,’ also known as ‘the people’s tree.’  For many years the Lord’s had me declare the word ‘Ami,’ which means ‘My nation, My people, or trustworthy, reliable.’  God is that strong tower, that Tree to the people or of the people…the Vine (John 15:1).  And His people are called to be like trees planted by streams of water which yield their fruit in season (Ps. 1:3).  May the Lord plant His people by the streams of His water where they delight in the law of the Lord and meditate on it night and day.  THIS planting will prosper you in all that the Lord leads you to do.

For those that do not have the gift of tongues, pray as the Holy Spirit speaks to you.  Speak only what He says to say.  Do not utter anything beyond what He leads you to say.  It is important that no idle word is spoken in prayer beyond what the Spirit leads, as it has no fruit (Matt. 12:35-36).

More birthing will take place over the next few weeks especially. In Isaiah 66:7, it says “BEFORE she goes into labor, SHE GIVES BIRTH.”  Do you hear what the Spirit is saying?  In the world labor comes first before the birth.  But not in the Spirit!  The birth comes before the labor!  Why would God say this?  Because before you know it, what He has brought forth will be here.  There is no necessary ‘dilation’ to occur; or in other words, things do not need to be widened, made larger, or opened for things to happen.  In that narrow/closed/pressed/shut up/stopped up place, God breaks through and even in a day, a nation can be formed.  We’re not talking about a mortal man, but of the Spirit, a God that IS Spirit (John 4:24).

I hear the Lord say that not to look at what’s pressing in around you.  Do I not tread the grapes with My feet (Joel 3:13)?  Is not the earth My footstool?  In a day, I will roar and thunder upon My holy hill and My people will be holy as I am holy.  And nothing will invade or violate them.  A fountain of the Lord’s doing will flow out of His house and will water the acacias (the one’s in the valley of decision, Joel 3:18).  However, I will avenge the innocent blood shed and I will leave those that dwell in a place of Egypt desolate and those who dwell in a place of Edom, in desert waste.  For I will avenge Rom.12:19.)

Hear what the Spirit says…


See also:  Romans 8:26-27; Isa. 66:7-9; Joel 3


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