A Storm is Upon America

June 3, 2020
The largest American flag torn in half during a thunderstorm…very prophetic for the times currently. America has been torn apart by a storm or also known as a ‘tempest’ or ‘whirlwind.’
In the book of Job, God spoke out of the storm to him (Job 38:1). This was a time when close companions around him were speaking things they did not understand, especially about God and he too was struggling. Then the Lord set him straight (Job 39-42). Job then realized who he was compared to God (Job 42:6) and humbled himself. God then dealt with those that didn’t speak truth about God and blessed Job. The ones that spoke wrongly, God wouldn’t hear their prayers, only Job’s. They had to go to Job for prayer, so God would relent His anger.
The storm or whirlwind is among us but God is about to speak and the humble will receive His blessing, but the ones that are caught up in the storm will be humbled.
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