A Shaking in Israel Lining Up Previous Words

April 9, 2022

There has been a recent shaking in Israel.  An Israeli coalition chair resigned (see Article:  Israeli parliament’s coalition chair resigns, opening door to new elections, Bibi Netanyahu comeback) or (Download Article Here).  This will cause some uncertainty in their government.  Be led in prayer regarding this.

This coincides with a previous word titled ‘A Warning to Israel’ (see Watch Tower Post:  A Warning to Israel), from our site.  This was speaking about an oral vaccine that was YEAST BASED being considered in Israel and how the Lord was speaking through this as a warning.  Basically, He was warning of Israel’s yearn to revolutionize the marketplace which would cause a draining from them, their sweetness, through greed.  AND this was all connected as well to Ezekiel’s prophecy of their harlotry with Assyria, modern-day Turkey and Iraq.

How does this tie altogether?  Idit Silman, the chairwoman announced her resignation as a result of Israeli hospitals allowing visitors to bring leavened food products, known as chametz, during Passover Jewish law (see Article:   A spat over Passover hospital food could topple the Israeli government and trigger the fifth national election in three years) or (Download PDF Article Here). These are things that contain YEAST as what was mentioned in the ‘health vaccine with yeast’ in our previous word as a warning to Israel.  In addition, there are more shakings in Israel because they are connecting with IRAQ AND TURKEY, along with other nations over a gas plan (see Article:  Iran bombed Iraq’s Kurdish region over natural gas plan involving Israel – report) or (Download PDF Article Here). Could this be the ‘revolutionizing of the marketplace’ plan to suck the sweetness through greedy gain from those surrounding Israel, as the Lord spoke of in our word and through Ezekiel?  More than likely so.  They are surrounding you Israel.  Be careful.  These are key clues that the Lord is watching and warning.  He sees what you have entangled yourselves in.

Remember ALL YOU NATIONS, the oil that you want so badly of this world is not sustainable as you think.  It will not secure you in any way.  The oil that will sustain you and secure you is not of this world but of the Spirit of the holy God.  It is the qodesh, the One that anoints His people to set them apart and sanctify them as His chosen.  The Lord God is His name!  He provides the oil to execute His ordinances in the lands.  He sets up kings and replaces kings by His authority (Dan. 2:21).  He sustains and secures your ways by His authority to set His own apart for His purposes.  His ways are higher than your ways…MAN.

This is a cry of exposure from the Lord.  Look at the bloodthirsty ones that have defiled your bed!

Read Ezekiel 16:35-63, regarding all of this.

This is a clue…Ezekiel 17 speaks of a break in oath that he despises.  He speaks out of both sides of his mouth (see Article:  America’s Middle East Friendships Are Dying a Natural Death) or (Download Article Here).  God is spreading a net for those that despise His covenant.  A warning to many that touch what God has set aside.

Hear what the Spirit is saying…

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