Confirmation: The Woes Are Coming

March 9, 2020

A couple of weeks ago the Lord had us post that the woes are coming in May. I couldn’t help mentioning how MUCH the term ‘woe’ has been brought up in many arenas, regarding headlines. Again, God is speaking to many. They are coming. Here are just a few:

In sports–Brooks Koepka shoots career-worst 81 as woes continue (1 day ago)

Cold snap from the arc compounding CU Buffs defensive woes (18 hours ago)

In politics-GOP Rep. Steve Watkins’ woes mount with FEC probe into his father (3 days ago)

In economics-Biggest Drop Since 1987 Crash: Canada Stocks Plunge on Oil Woes (5 hours ago)

Farming-A.I. may be the answer to dairy farmer woes (2 days ago)

Technology-Pentagon: UTX’s Supply Chain Woes Continue to Slow F-35 Program (5 days ago)

Business/Healthcare-The Direct Primary Care Solution for America’s Health Care Woes (1 week ago)

Bayer’s Roundup Woes May Force It to Sell Assets or Borrow (1 week ago)

Infrastructure-Two identical road trips, a year apart, highlight PNG’s infrastructure woes (3 hours ago)

Finances-Biggest Rescue of India Bank to Deepen Lenders’ Funding Woes (18 hours ago)

Health–Coronavirus Adds Another Crisis to Lebanon’s Woes (1 day ago)

Social media-By the way, ‘the woah’ (of course not spelled the same, but said like ‘woe,’ is the number one dance move on social media right now.

These are just a handful of headlines. The word woe is said in many facets, to many people all over the world. This message is not to instill fear in general. It’s to instill fear of God and to bring people to repentance, so that they will prepare themselves spiritually for what’s coming. The signs are all here. HE IS SPEAKING AND WARNING.

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