Things Ahead

May 27, 2022

A couple of things have come to our attention in the Spirit as to what’s ahead for those the Lord is calling unto Himself, regarding changes. The first thing I see the Lord allowing to come forth is Him beginning to allow the effects of overindulgence among His children (much to do with the lusts of the flesh, 1John 2:15-17), but especially associated with addictions.  It’s going to get to the point that they won’t be able to ‘stomach it,’ so to say or also be unable to tolerate something (whatever they may be addicted to).  It will come to where they’ll have an abhorrence or strong disgust or dislike to that addiction.  God is going to change this in His people supernaturally.

It’s interesting the word addiction is actually from a Latin word meaning ‘assign,’ which is from the word ‘addicere’ or also ‘bind.’ In addition, it can literally mean:  to speak to, or assent, or adjudge.  Regarding the spoken aspect of this, it’s been spoken over them in various ways.  It’s important to break those words off of them (See:  vows/agreements—Ecc. 5:4; Matt. 5:33-37).    In the form of an assent, this is an agreement/acceptance/or approval of sorts.  It’s important to seek the Lord on these things that one has come into with these various measures.  They must be broken in the spirit realm.  With the term adjudging, this is connected to pronouncing/proclaiming things and also judgement.  Going to the Lord about the pronouncing and proclaiming is imperative, but also repentance for any judgement that has been deemed upon you either through your own sin or through sins of your father especially.  This is an assignment that has been allotted (bound) unto many of His own which He is seeking out in this hour, some which have dealt with this for all their lives or many years.  I see more of a generational connection with this chiefly.  This is connected to a root of poison or bitter fruit (Heb.12:15), associated with idolatry in generations beforehand.  This also allows them to believe they’ll have peace even though they follow their own stubborn heart, a deception of being a stiff-necked people.  God is about to make an example to future generations of what not to do.  This is in order that the future generations of the Lord’s are able to TRULY SEE what has caused all this—it’s their previous generations’ worship of false gods, poisonous and bitter fruit they’ve produced (which is trouble that has defiled many & caused them to be sexually immoral or also like Esau forfeiting their birthright for a meal, Heb. 12:14-17), great stubbornness—which has caused the dry land to increase in all areas, a famine of sorts.  The result of God’s jealousy will fall upon these previous generations that continue in these wicked ways AND THEN He will restore the fortunes and compassion for His people (Deut. 29:16-29; 30:1-10).

May the Lord break these bound individuals that are caught up in these assignments upon them through all these things spoken over and among them, all the agreements not of You, and the acceptances/approvals not of You Lord, break them off.  May those that You’re calling this hour from these things, be drawn away from the lusts of the flesh and not tolerate whatever they have overindulged in before You.  May the Lord give them a heart of deep repentance, so that they can see clearly what has been revealed to them BECAUSE they belong to His and their children forever so that they may follow all Your ways.

The other thing that I see coming forth is people being forced out of positions they have been in for some time, especially associated with jobs.  These are mainly older people.  They will be placed in lowly positions to get them to want to quit, and even cause them to want to do things that should get them fired, BUT won’t because the employer will not fire them, in hopes they’ll quit instead so there will be no additional compensation to help them after leaving the job.  Many that will be put in this position have had opportunities to leave when God has mentioned it to them, but they didn’t.  They instead stayed for lack of trust in God.  Now it will be almost unbearable to stay on their part and they’ll eventually leave FORCING them into a position that the Lord always wanted them to come into, truly trusting Him or relying on Him!  Many will not understand this while it’s happening and even fight it, believing it’s ‘not right.’  But God’s allowing it for His purposes.  Seek the Lord about this, as it is important not to fight it, but hear clearly what the next move is that God wants you to do.  Instead of getting angry and bitter about it, try to see God’s mercy to use this time to push you closer to Him, rather than the world and its ways ‘as you’ve always done things.’  This will be a major transition for you and can really be a blessing for you from the Lord, or if there’s fighting against it, it can be really challenging and traumatic for you, almost as if you’ll feel cheated.  Do not come with the latter attitude, as it will be against His will and consequences will follow that won’t be pretty.

Hear what the Spirit is saying…

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