The Shift in Judgement

June 4, 2022

Recently, the Lord brought to my attention of major things that seemed to occur in February 2022.  I saw the beginnings of judgement intensifying.  It was quite a significant change in the spirit realm and people were either going through some serious things or changes.  Some of these were unknowingly, which would set forth challenges down the road on a mass scale.  In addition, someone else had brought to my attention as well, when I mentioned this, that also during that time period there was an immense amount of growth among those in the Body of Christ, things changing spiritually. After seeing this today, the Lord brought on me again, that one of these great changes are about to occur soon.  There will be growth for those truly walking with the Lord again, immense change.  For His, an incline spiritually Isa. 55:3; Prov. 22:17; Ps. 24:3-4). And, at the time same time, a deterioration for those that aren’t.  This also is connected to a decline.  There will be many natural signs coming forth which will confirm this further.  This is connected to a recent word spoken in January 2022, right before the change in February 2022 (See:  The Climate Change).  In that word, we spoke about the Greek term ‘klino’ which means ‘slant’ or ‘slope,’ which also means ‘INCLINE/DECLINE.’ This shift coming will really expose things that no man has ever seen before.  It will require the hand of God to move through His people, to institute any sort of order.  Demonic principalities will be more real to more people than ever, even to those that never understood or believed in them before.  The world and their ways will no longer have an answer as to what is on the horizon.  Leaders of this world will be in fear too, not knowing what to do.  And some, will be overcome by these changes themselves, from within, which to the natural eye will appear as madness, almost beast-like.  What do I mean by beast-like?  Refer to God’s judgement on Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel 4, these are just a few things:

  • They will be forced to go away from people.
  • They will live among wild animals.
  • They will eat grass like cattle.
  • Their hair will grow like the feathers of an eagle & their nails like the claws of a bird.

The declines coming are a consequence of various things the Lord warned about:

  • Those that have perverted justice in a lawsuit, siding with the crowd (Ex. 23:2).
  • Those that have gone against the counsel the Lord’s used to help others, and instead turned aside from what they were told to do (Deut. 17:8-13).

Hear what the Spirit is saying…

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