The Only Escape is True Repentance

March 28, 2020
Freak’ hailstorms twice in three days after the coronavirus lockdown…
In the last week or so, the term ‘freak’ has come up more than once regarding weather occurrences. One was spoken of on this page about a week ago about a sandstorm in the Middle East. Oftentimes, if you keep seeing a word over and over in short bursts of time, God is speaking to you about something; pay attention.
Freak means a very unusual or unexpected situation, among other meanings. God is saying that these are not ‘freakish’ but more so wonders, to get people’s attention or wake them up. This is just the beginning.
The main thing that stood out was what one individual said, “COVID-19, locusts, now what? There is no way we can escape from all these disasters.”
Many are trying to escape the burning fire of God that separates (as the chaff is burned away). However, this is what the Lord says:
Before them fire devours,
behind them a flame blazes.
Before them the land is like the garden of Eden,
behind them, a desert waste—
nothing escapes them.
Many are looking for an escape but it will not be done, UNLESS they return with their whole heart with fasting, weeping, and mourning in true repentance (Joel 2:12-13).
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