Great Judgement is Falling Upon the Earth

February 1, 2020

Recently, there have been an increase of locusts that have infested Africa. They say this is the worst they’ve seen in 70 years in some areas, specifically Kenya; and now it’s increased in other areas as well. The world in their carnal understanding has tried to explain this phenomenon as part of their global warming theory, associated with intense cyclone (or whirlwind) seasons, but these too have a significant symbolism in Biblical understanding. Both locusts and cyclones symbolize judgement from God (Exodus 10; Jeremiah 23:19; 30:23). The locust represents the judgement of God on those that would not let God’s people go to worship the Lord, as in Exodus. It began in Egypt (Africa) and it’s occurring again there. Regarding whirlwinds (or cyclones), they are often associated with God’s fury going forth. In Jeremiah 23, the wrath of God went down upon the heads of the wicked, especially those that were considered false prophets in the land (and this can be voices from people that do not worship the One true God, nor are led by His Spirit). In Jeremiah 30, again, the Lord allowed for the whirlwind to come upon the heads of the wicked once He restored the fortunes of Jacob’s tents and punished those who oppressed them. These again, were those that were later oppressed under Pharoah in slavery.

What is God saying in all this? He’s warning and showing there’s a great judgment falling upon the earth. The locusts upon Africa (and now Pakistan) symbolize a famine coming upon those that have oppressed the spiritual lineage from the line of Jacob. It began in God’s fury towards those that have continuously made God’s people an object of scorn and questioned the One true God they serve. God is about to do great wonders that will never again put His people to shame (Joel 2:25-27). He will pour out His Spirit on all people.

This famine coming may be literal at times but there’s also a great famine coming that is not literal, which will be a part of this judgment…this is the famine of God’s word upon His enemies (Amos 8:11-13). Those that thought they had the answers will be searching for understanding, wanting to hear a word from the Lord, but won’t find it. God will not answer them in their sin (Proverbs 1:24-29) because they refused the outstretched hand of the Lord. They will now eat the fruit of their ways (Prov. 1:31), the whirlwind.

It is important to know that the number 70 is very significant in the Bible. It represents perfect spiritual order carried out with all power. And it can also represent judgment. There is no coincidence that Africa hasn’t seen this kind of locust infestation in all of 70 years. God is in a time of perfect spiritual order. Things will come into place exactly the way He wants for His purposes. It will be carried out with all His power AND His name will be proclaimed. His people will be truly set apart, containing no yeast among them, as in their days of slavery. God will remove it from them and teach them of His ways. God’s allowing plagues to occur now. This is to warn those that have hardened hearts and to reveal to His that God has seen your suffering. He is coming to release you…

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