June 13, 2022

I recently had a dream about many people losing their goggles and it was a result of irresponsibility.  I knew they had not taken care of them as they should and had just left them ‘lying around’ and because of that they ended up misplacing them, eventually leading to the goggles being taken from them by others.  It seemed these others were individuals that were more responsible.

We all know that goggles are usually used as a form of eyeglasses that protect ones’ eyes from either glare, dust, water, or other things.  There’s a lot of symbolism connected to this dream.  First, a glare can represent a strong light and also a fierce or angry stare.  There are multiple things that come up about this.  In Acts 9:1-9, Saul was blinded by the light of God’s glory and because of this he could see nothing even with his eyes open.  He had to be led by the hand for three days to Damascus before he was able to see again once he was prayed over by Ananias.  I see a time coming for some that will experience a blindness as a result of losing their ‘goggles’ (which would symbolize a carnal protectant of sorts for the eyes, how they see things from the world’s standpoint instead of by the Spirit).  And they will have to go to others that God leads them to, to help them ‘recover their sight.’  I also see another side of this, there will be some that will experience the affects of angry stares, due to backbiting.  But this will be a judgement in return for their own irresponsibility in doing this.  They will be put to silence in the days ahead (Ps. 101:5).  God will not endure a proud heart.

Secondly, due to irresponsibility in taking care to protect their eyes and how they see things (either by the fleshly nature or by the Spirit—the latter being good) then, if they see by a carnal perspective, it becomes bad, their judgement will result in being filled by darkness, or overcome by darkness (Matt.6:22-23).  This part is associated with not discerning rightly the things of God and instead judging them only by the sight of their eyes and what they hear carnally, which is not by the Spirit (Isa. 11:2-4).  This leads to misjudgment of things.  So, that ‘dust/dirt’ will instead enter their eyes as a result of their lack of proper discernment (using their ‘goggles’ rightly).  Now, defilement will set in (the body being filled with darkness).

Lastly, regarding water, I see due to lack of true responsibility in utilizing their discernment rightly, some will have difficulty seeing deep things of the Spirit (1Cor. 2:10-16).  Instead, they will continue with spiritual ‘blurred/distorted vision.’  This is in connection with immaturity and sometimes childishness, spiritually (1Cor. 13:9-10).  These individuals will experience a lack in spiritual growth and will continue to need to be trained in the Lord if He allows.

Since the people in the dream left the goggles lying around, that too shows they were careless in something the Lord offered them for their own protection or sight spiritually.  Another term that is like being careless is heedless.  That means God was probably trying to get their attention about something He expected them to see or do, and they instead, either didn’t consider it altogether or notice what He was really trying to show them.  It seems the other, more responsible people that ended up attaining their goggles in the end, were blessed instead with the opportunity to use them for themselves or also pass onto others that may need them more and would be more mindful with them.  Either way, this incident coming will affect people more than they know in the coming days.  I can say this for sure, those ‘goggles’ were important spiritually and would be an important asset for future situations, and now there will be those going without.  Some God may have mercy upon and allow them to gain their sight back as Saul did, but others will struggle and lose spiritually, as mentioned above.



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