Faith is EVERYTHING Framed by the Word of God

December 29, 2019

Our inheritance is righteousness, however no one will attain that unless by faith. Faith is really consistent obedience led by the Holy Spirit in ALL things. If you don’t obey, you do not have love, therefore you don’t have anything…and that means faith. Technically, you’re not a true believer.

Faith is not a mental concept that many have made it out to be. That’s a worldly understanding that isn’t even truly grasping that EVERYTHING is framed by the word of God (Heb. 11:3). What does it mean for things to be framed by the word of God?

Matthew 4:4 Jesus answered, “It is written: man shall not live on bread alone, but on EVERY word that comes from the mouth of a God.”

This is stating that your foundation or framework is all based on how God speaks to you in all things and your actions being applied by what He’s telling you to do, to a tee. This is how you live, as a true believer. Someone that isn’t obeying and instead living like everyone else in the world OR performing partial obedience, is NOT walking in faith. And therefore, if there’s no faith, than there will be NO inheritance of righteousness. Those walking in full obedience are waiting for the inheritance of righteousness. It will be imparted to those that have pleased Him through complete obedience and in the end, no one will be able to say they are not God’s. And THEY will sing of His righteousness to those that haven’t truly been born again as they may think or believe. It’s coming…

Psalm 22:31 They will proclaim His righteousness, declaring to a people unborn: He has done it!

Further reading…Hebrews 11-12; 6:12; Gal.5:4

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