Faith and Comfort Do Not Go Hand in Hand

September 23, 2019

Faith and comfort do not go hand in hand. Discomfort comes with an increase of faith. To believe something otherwise, is showing you that you lack in real faith.

Mary wasn’t comfortable while she walked among others pregnant and not married to her husband yet. Prior to all of this she said, “Be it done unto me.”

Abram walked by faith leaving his home, to a foreign land that was ruled by wicked and idolatrous people and God said He’d give that land to his descendants.

Peter began to walk out onto the water to Jesus, knowing in the natural he never had seen anyone do it before. Yet He saw someone greater than him do it and trusted Him as He told him to come out there to meet Him.

Isaiah ran around in the streets nude, for years, exposing himself as a message to Egypt and Ethiopia that they were going to receive great troubles from God (Isaiah 20:3). By faith, he received the command by God to do it.

Ezekiel had to bake and eat bread cooked over cow dung as a sign to Israel of consuming defiled things among the nations (Ezekiel. 4:9-17).  Yet by faith, he did eat to fulfill what was to come by God.

The list goes on and on. These are NOT comfortable experiences. Many do not enter into the deeper things of God because they are fearful of being put in uncomfortable positions. In the end, it won’t be good for you. In fact, there will probably be greater uncomfortable things coming BECAUSE you lack in faith.

Read further about faith…Hebrews 11.

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