Dream: Get Out of Your Childish Behavior

March 31, 2020
The Lord wanted me to share something regarding many in the Body of Christ right now. Malcolm had a dream last night and the Lord gave the interpretation of it to us. There is a message that is connected to it, which He wanted us to share.
There are many in the Body right now, in encampments, like the Israelites in the desert (Ex. 16:13; Num. 2:3). These encampments were places set up when the Israelites were halted on their journey. God is saying many have been put in a halted state by Him, for His purposes. This was supposed to be a place of learning to worship, listen, obey, prepare for battle, and wait on the Lord but instead it’s become something otherwise. There is ‘cabin fever’ present instead. Cabin fever produces irritability and restlessness and this is often because one’s in isolation or a confined indoor area for a long time. These are carnal behaviors. And the way some are utilizing this hour instead, is by playing or as God sees it, not taking things seriously with Him. Individuals are falling into the world’s understanding that they should ‘make use of their time, and relax’ or spend time enjoying the family, or do something you like to do to pass the hour. While these might be ok things at times, IF the Lord wants you to do them, but in a serious birthing time in the Spirit at this time, it’s not a time for that. This time has been more used for childish behavior rather than working on the main focus maturing in Him. How does God describe this childish behavior? Jesus said:
John 21:18a Very truly I tell you, when you were younger you dressed yourself and went where you wanted
Jesus described childishness as doing what you want to do. Is that what you’re doing in your halted time? If so, you won’t be prepared for what’s coming ahead. I saw in Malcolm’s dream, in this place, God is trying to move you forward spiritually, to the point that it will ‘take you out of that cabin fever’ place but there is still so much retraction towards the ‘fun stuff’ or childishness/doing your own thing. In the dream, the Father was very irritated that the offspring kept wasting time while He was searching them out (Psalm 139:23; Jer. 17:10; 1 Chron. 28:9). They were running and almost hiding, in a sense. This is what Adam and Eve did when they rebelled against God (Gen. 3:8). God has pulled some of you out but you have returned back to your childish ways. Now, as seen in the dream, God is going to go searching you out again, and this time He will do it with an INTENSITY behind it. This intensity will be repetitive, crippling (almost causing maiming), beyond measure, and will frequently denote opposition towards you. This is until you see the importance of coming out of your childish ways.
This reminds me of the warning He gave in our word, “Swimming Among the Sharks,” on the site, towards those that do not comply with Him.
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