A ‘Blowout’ is Coming

April 27, 2019

Was talking to someone about something she kept seeing all around her…people with blown out tires all over the place. When with her today, we saw one as well. The Lord had me share with her, “what’s God saying to you? He’s showing you something.”

The Lord brought up ‘blowout’ to me. The definition of blowout is: 1) a sudden rupture or malfunction of A PART OF AN APPARATUS DUE TO PRESSURE (Proverbs 24:10; James 1:3-13)

2) a large or lavish meal or social gathering; A FEAST OR BANQUET

God is definitely showing something here. In this hour there will be 2 things occurring at the same time with people. One being, some individuals will begin to ‘breakdown’ or ‘crash’ or ‘fail’ in what they’re doing (malfunction) under the pressures that God will allow to come on them due to disobedience. While, others will experience a time of feasting and banqueting with the Lord (see: Feast or Famine). Luke 14:15-24; Matt. 22:1-14

God oftentimes will show you things over and over because He’s trying to share something with you. Don’t just assume, ‘oh, that’s weird.’ Many miss Him speaking because they disregard His continuous warnings/utterances. There are no coincidences. Actually, the word coincidence is from the Greek word synkyrian which can mean both sun and kurios. Sun means ‘together with’ while kurious means ‘supreme in authority.’ If you put the two together it would actually mean ‘what happens together because of God’s divine arrangement of circumstances.’

Hear what the Spirit is saying..

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